Ellington Field
Ellington Air Force Base - Houston, Texas


July 13, 2013

The Houston Airport System has proposed using Ellington Airport facilities to create a Houston Ellington Spaceport.

The new spaceport would provide runways and support facilities for several types of space vehicles.  However, the new spaceport would not support vertical launch space vehicles, such as traditional rockets.

As Houston already has a long history of involvement in Space & Aerospace vehicles and exploration, having a space transportation facility here seems natural. 

Houston Ellington Airport, in particular, has for many years served as a base for astronaut jet-training flights, as well as providing other aerospace support for NASA.  Operated as Ellington Air Force Base until 1984, the airport was a key facility for NASA during the Apollo moon exploration program and Shuttle operations.

Several companies are currently developing space ships that would take off and land from runways, such as the well known SpaceX vehicle.  These could presumably operate from the proposed spaceport at Ellington Field.

New Mexico has already built a commercial spaceport facility, in hopes of profiting from this "industry of the future".  Other states and municipalities also are exploring possible ventures into this arena.

We'll look forward to seeing the future of SpaceFlight develop at the new Ellington space flight center.

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